Monday, September 14, 2009

It all started when...

It all started on September 11th, 2008 when Allie decided to join the makeup community by uploading a horrendous Mini Sephora Haul onto her channel (it's still up, btw. But I think i'll make it private soon!). I was ecstatic when I got my first subscriber and comment, and never expected my channel to blossom into something so amazing and that I loved.
Now one year later, on September 11th, 2009 I still cannot believe that I am still doing this for one, but also, I cannot believe how many people have found me.

When I started my channel, I hardly estimated for 30 people to find me. When I hit 200 subscribers, I remember exactly where I was. I was sitting on my bed (in my old bedroom decor!) with my best friend and she announced it. Now with over 3,000 subscribers, I am in utter shock and I cannot believe it.

Subscriber count doesn't mean anything to me, but when I do think about it, and think about what 3,000 people look like, it's crazy to me. Imagine fitting over 3, 000 people in your house!

What I want to tell you guys is that even though I may be growing, not only in my age but also on YouTube, I always want to remain the same Allie to everybody. I would never want you guys to see me as stuck up, or as rude, or as me thinking i'm better than you.
And i'm telling you now. If I ever become like that, where I think i'm all that and a bag of chips, PLEASE tell me. I will not be offended!

I want you guys to know that I appreciate each and every one of you!



  1. congratulations :)

  2. Thats a really great story Allie! I watch your videos and im 21! Your adorable! :) I hope you continue to grow in subscribers! You deserve it! P.S i love you glasses!

  3. Hi Allie
    You have a new follower yeaah, just came across your videos & blog which I love, I have just jumped on the beauty bandwagon with my own blog so feel free to say hi or send me a comment on my blog xoxo