Monday, January 4, 2010

My Current Wishlist!

Hey Everyone!

I know, I know... I said I would update this thing more often and I still haven't! It's just really hard for me to post because I don't even think people read my blog, haha! Oh well! So people have been asking me to do a blog post on my current wish list items since it is ever growing! So here goes...

Oh-- and everything will be in the order I would like to purchase them in :)

1) Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30 or 35

*Drooools* I have ALWAYS loved Louis Vuittons ever since I began to appreciate my Mom's (and other family member's) purse collections! I love the shape of the bag and how big it is! Now I know you can buy some REALLY good fakes out there, but I want the real thing! I mean although most people wouldn't know, I would! So my Mom made a deal with me. If I got over 85% overall on my report card for Term 2 (my last average was 76%. ew) my parents would be my dream bag!

I would feel bad though, so I am saving my money to contribute to the hefty almost $800 this baby costs!

2) Canon Vixia HF20

I currently film on my MacBook (Common FAQ!) and now that I have over 5,800 subscribers (OMG!!!!! I just got a message from a sweet girl telling me!) I feel like I should make my videos higher quality for you! I love my MacBook (but it's old, and a hand me down from my sister!) and I love the little remote it comes with, haha! I am telling you that if it doesn't come with it, i'm moving onto one that does! Is that bad?

3) A MacBook Pro
As I said above, I am currently using (& typing on) my white MacBook. It was my sisters but when she graduated from elementary school (as a tradition) she got a new laptop to take with her to high school and do all her assignments, ect on. Because I knew MacBooks are good to film on, she decided to hand it down to me! Although I love this laptop, it's old and nearly 4 years old!

and last but not least...

4) iPhone 3GS

So many of you know I have a BlackBerry pearl and I LOVED it up until the summer time! For some reason it keeps freezing on me CONSTANTLY! I can hardly use anymore which sucks! When I called Rogers to see if I was elegible for an upgrade they said I would be only on September 29th, 2010! I know where i'll be on September 29th!

And that sums it up! I know it's all expensive stuff, but I won't get it all this year! It will be split up, DEFINITELY!

What's on your wish lists?