Monday, January 4, 2010

My Current Wishlist!

Hey Everyone!

I know, I know... I said I would update this thing more often and I still haven't! It's just really hard for me to post because I don't even think people read my blog, haha! Oh well! So people have been asking me to do a blog post on my current wish list items since it is ever growing! So here goes...

Oh-- and everything will be in the order I would like to purchase them in :)

1) Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30 or 35

*Drooools* I have ALWAYS loved Louis Vuittons ever since I began to appreciate my Mom's (and other family member's) purse collections! I love the shape of the bag and how big it is! Now I know you can buy some REALLY good fakes out there, but I want the real thing! I mean although most people wouldn't know, I would! So my Mom made a deal with me. If I got over 85% overall on my report card for Term 2 (my last average was 76%. ew) my parents would be my dream bag!

I would feel bad though, so I am saving my money to contribute to the hefty almost $800 this baby costs!

2) Canon Vixia HF20

I currently film on my MacBook (Common FAQ!) and now that I have over 5,800 subscribers (OMG!!!!! I just got a message from a sweet girl telling me!) I feel like I should make my videos higher quality for you! I love my MacBook (but it's old, and a hand me down from my sister!) and I love the little remote it comes with, haha! I am telling you that if it doesn't come with it, i'm moving onto one that does! Is that bad?

3) A MacBook Pro
As I said above, I am currently using (& typing on) my white MacBook. It was my sisters but when she graduated from elementary school (as a tradition) she got a new laptop to take with her to high school and do all her assignments, ect on. Because I knew MacBooks are good to film on, she decided to hand it down to me! Although I love this laptop, it's old and nearly 4 years old!

and last but not least...

4) iPhone 3GS

So many of you know I have a BlackBerry pearl and I LOVED it up until the summer time! For some reason it keeps freezing on me CONSTANTLY! I can hardly use anymore which sucks! When I called Rogers to see if I was elegible for an upgrade they said I would be only on September 29th, 2010! I know where i'll be on September 29th!

And that sums it up! I know it's all expensive stuff, but I won't get it all this year! It will be split up, DEFINITELY!

What's on your wish lists?


  1. omg i didnt know you had a blog! its great! i want a speedy 35 too! i thinki might do a post like this :) congrats on the 5800!

  2. I read your blog :) Congrats on 5,800 subscribers!

  3. Thats a nice wishlist.. that would deffiantly just be a WISH list to me ahahah :P


  4. girl, youre gonna love your speedy! i looove my speedy 35! check out my purse vid if you want! :

  5. i read your blog and i like it very much! i love your youtube videos too!

  6. You a hard worker, and I think it's great that you want a Louis Vuttion, but $800? I seriously would recommend putting that towards a fabulous trip to take with the friends? There are people out there in need of food, clothing, and warmth. That $800 would do alot better than a bag. Have you ever considered an Orla Kiely bag? Those are my favorite! And i'm sure that you will be the only one in the school with one of those. Congradulations on your Blog!

  7. @Sarah I just love the Louis Vuitton :) But thanks for your opinion!

  8. I've been wanting a Louis V bag for so long. I just can't save that much money up lol. Maybe I'll splurge and buy it for myself for graduation.