Friday, July 31, 2009

You can't get the 134, without NARS Laguna...

It's officially official. Makeup has taken over my life (but I kinda like that?)

So it is now August 1st:
Which means my birthday is in 3 days! (August 4th) .. Are you guys sick of me saying that yet?!
Which means i'm finally leaving on vacation in 13 days.
Which means it is only 3 days and I can go and indulge in all the makeup I was planning on buying since June.

I have been lusting, and making lists, and obsessing over what I was going to buy on my birthday.
But the thing is, I don't want to spend all my money, so I can do a haul on the plane.
I won't tell you everything, I need my b-day haul video to be kind of a surprise, but i'll give you hints..

-MAC 134 Brush
-NARS Laguna (You can't buy the 134 w/o Laguna bronzer)
Is that bad, that I can't buy a brush, without buying something to go with it. According to my brain, it just wouldn't be right to buy the 134 without buying Laguna, or vice versa.
-LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter (Thanks Jess!)
-LUSH Honey Trap Lip Butter
-Fresh Twilight Cream thing

Now it's your turn to add to my obsession with all things shallow:
What are your makeup must haves from MAC, Sephora or Lush?

Please comment below with your makeup must haves..What are some thngs I should add to my collection?

I love you all <3

My Next Mascara..

Do I really need a new mascara?
I need a new mascara like a hole in the head..
But I want one.

So I am leaving my fate up to you guys. Please post your vote in the comment section. I tried doing a poll application, but it doesn't work!

I know for sure I am buying YSL Faux Cils on August 14th in Duty Free, but I think I should treat myself to a new one.. Is that odd?

So lets get onto voting!
1) Fresh Supernova
2) Too Faced Lash Injection
3) Make Up For Ever Smokey Lash

Have at it!
(I'll be honest though, next drugstore trip, a L'Oreal Telescopic is going to be mine!)
(Or should I just forget about it, and wait until the 14th, and just indulge in L'Oreal?)


Monday, July 27, 2009

What's Going On, Why The Lack of Videos & Random Things

Hey Dolls!

Long time, no write. It's been FOREVER and I really do apologize but SO much has been happening to me and my family.

Some of you know that this June and part of July was extremely hard for me. I won't say I had a full fledged depression, but I was for sure pretty sad and upset for most of the two months. I won't get too much into it, but I am 100% better now. Basically I was just overwhelmed by everything happening in my life, and somethings that have changed for me and my family. That's part of the reason why there was such a lack of videos for the month of June & July. I would get good ideas for videos, try and film and get discouraged so I just forgot about it. Instead I resorted to spending most of my savings on MAC too make me feel better, hence the big hauls. I am a huge believer in retail therapy, so that's what I did. Let's just say that June & July were extremely emotional months for me.. Between MJ dying and personal things, I was a wreck to put it lightly. Anyways, saving is now very popular with me, and enforced by my Mama.

Haha, I think I must have listened to this song like a billion times during my "minor depression".

So lack of videos, I feel terrible about this. I had a plan to do a video every other day. As you can tell that didn't happen. I didn't want to film in my state during June so I just did hauls. I get messages nearly everyday asking when my next video will be up, and I'm getting back into the swing of things. I have a great list of videos too do and I think everyone will be very happy with it. If you have any requests send them my way!!

On a lighter note, my birthday is in 7 (or 8) days depending on how you look at it and I am SO excited! I love birthdays, especially mine so I can't wait. I already know what I am getting from my parents ( a Coach Poppy bag) and maybe some money (but I don't feel like they need to give me any). So basically the day will be me waking up, probably having breakfast, opening gifts, getting ready, family coming over, pizza buffet (did I mention pizza is my all time favorite food, and that's all I want to eat on my bday!!?) and opening my family's gifts, which will most probably be money, because apparently no one knows what to buy a teenager.. And guess where that is going?! MAC, of course! So then i'll probably go to MAC with some of my friends. I am only going to get a couple of things and spend the rest in the airport so I can do a haul on the plane, and post it @ the hotel!!

Anyways, I found this oddly therapeutic and hopefully everyone got to know me a little more, and a little more about me!

Lots of Love,

Allie xoxo

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Sale - My First Attempt:

Hey Guys and Dolls,


Looking through my makeup collection, I realize that I have so much unloved and unused makeup. I have loads of makeup and although taking it out of the drawers, taking pictures and choosing prices was bittersweet, it had to be done. Enough is Enough!

The rules are...

1) If you want an item, say so in the comments along with your Paypal email address. I will send you an invoice;

2) Paypal is the only method of payment accepted - it's just easier and more secure;

3) Please make sure that you pay for the item immediately upon receiving the invoice - or at least some time within the next 24 hours; otherwise the item will be re -posted and will not be reserved for you. I will allow them to "Pend" for 3 days. If after 3 days, you fail to pay, the item will be reposted.

4) Prices are in Canadian Dollars. So the price that is said, is the amount that should be payed. I mention the retail price, and that is precisely what I paid.

5) I will ship to Cananda and the US only - The shipping fee is $2.00 for Canada, and $3.00 for the United States. For each additional product, please add $.50

6) No returns!

Now.. onto the makeup!

SOLD! 1) Benefit "Coralista" Blush. Retail Price (CDN): $36.00 MY PRICE: $18.00

This blush is a gorgeous peachy-pinky sheen similar to NARS "Orgasm". I love this blush and the color, however it just doesn't work or sit well on my skin. I have TRIED to make this work, max 4x. There is no dent in it at all and is currently in pristine conditions. It comes in it's original boxing, with the adorable brush! It's a beautiful blush for the summer time, and I wish it worked on me! Enjoy!

2) Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner Retail Price (CDN $): $24.00 My Price: $14.00

This is an amazingly beautiful product, but once again it doesn't work on my eye lid. I love the staying powder. There is an evident dent, however it has been hardly use. I would say there is a good 95% left to the product. I use a brush with this product, so it is sanitary. It goes on as a gorgeous pinkish-gold sheen and is great for these summer months! I have used it MAX 4x. If you can make this work, kudos to you!
SOLD and Sent! 3) Too Faced Smurfette Eye Shadow Collection: Retail Price (CDN$): $36.00 My Price: $17.00

This is an adorable palette-- and an impulse buy! I've always loved Smurfs and when I saw this palette in Sephora I flipped. Smurfs + Makeup!! But I never use this, and it's just sitting there. Trust me, the packaging is my favourite and the colors are super pigmented! Whoever buys this, you'll fall in love!

4) PENDING Too Faced Eyeshadow Duo in "Mommy Dearest" (discontinued.) Retail Price: 17.00 My Price: 3.50

This was one of the first eyeshadows that I ever bought. However, I bought it at TJ Maxx, for around $6.00 and I have hardly ever used it. The purple side is a gorgeous purple with blue duo-chromes (Loves it!!) and the white side is a perfect highlight! And @ $3.00, what a steal!

5) Hard Candy "Eye Candy" in "Gum Drop" My Price: $3.50This color is described as a "pretty periwinkle" and that it is! It's a pretty blue that I would use as a pop of color on your upper or lower lashline! And the packaging is an adorable slide up and down method! It's a great eyeshadow!

6) Fushion "Glow Fusion" Bronzer I paid: 8.00 My Price: $7.00 I looove this bronzer, but sadly it isn't right for me. It doesn't blend right with my skin tone and doesn't suit me! I feature it in my U.S. haul, so you could take a look at it if you want. I think this would be perfect for people a little darker than me! It's discontinued, and you can't get it in stores, and what's great about this bronzer, is that it will customize to your skin tone! PS: I have the box.

7) PENDING. Kimora Lee Simmons Powder in "Pink Champagne"
My Price: $3.50

This is a beautiful highlight powder, and perfect for when you're all tanned and bronzed. It doesn't have big chunks of glitter at all, its very fine glimmer (shimmer & it gives you a glow!)! I got it at TJ Maxx, that's why the price is so low! There is no dent what-s0-ever and I have hardly used this.
8) NYX Blush in "Natural" My Price: $2.00

This shade is very similar to MAC's "Well Dressed" blush in the pink color. I love this blush, but it hardly gets ANY use. I've used this MAX 3x.

Now Onto MAC:

9) Select SPF 15 Foundation in "NC25" Retail Price: $31.00 My Price: $17.00

Comes with the pump. An additional $5.00 value.

It's simple really, the foundation is great, the lady just didn't match me correctly. I have used this MAX 5x, and there is a good 85-90% left.

10) SOLD and SENT. MAC Hello Kitty Beauty Powder "Pretty Baby" My Price: $15.00

I've only swatched this item, and I hve never used it. I can't get it to show up on me, and it seems pointless just to keep it for the sake of having it! I know wants it! I love her!

SOLD and SENT.11) MAC Fafi Collection Lipglass in "Cult Fave" My price: $9.00
This is a really pretty lip color, however I just can't wear it. It doesn't look good on me, and although I love the color, I can't make it work. It's a reeeeally pretty pink lip color. Please note that the MAC lettering has work off a little bit, but it is guaranteed authentic!

12) GOSH Effect Powder in "Meringue" Retail Price: $13.5o My Price: $7.00

Once again, I love this color but I never use it and it seems pointless to keep it just to have it. It's an amazing highlight color and lid color, perfect for everyday use! If you're dying to get your hands on some GOSH, this seems like a good time! You won't be disapointed. I have NEVER used this on my eyes, I have only swatched it MAX 3x.

13) Marcelle Highlight Powder (Opus Face Powder) Retail Price: $14.00 My Price: $7.00

This is a really nice highlight powder, and Marcelle is a Canadian brand and not avaliable in the USA to my knowledge. It is a really pretty (MSF Dupe) peachy-ish based powder with gold and silver veining. I never use this nor have I ever, so I decided to sell this. Whoever buys this, you'll love it!

14) L'Oreal HiP Cream Shadow Paint in "807 Secretive" Retail Price: $12.00 My Price: $4.00

I'll be honest, I don't really like this paint. If you like a light sparkle all over your lid, you'll love this!

And that's all!

Happy Shopping!

love, Allie

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ins & Outs #3

I feel so terrible about how often I neglect this blog! I don't mean too, but between the hectic summer and my YouTube channel, I don't think to come on here and write about makeup or what have you. So my summer goal is 1 post every 2 days :)

Let's kick off this goal with my third post of In's and Outs!


- Summer! Although I'm used to going to Greece every summer, circumstances didn't let us this year! Someone commited arson against one of my father's bars (July 26th, 2008), and it's re-built and opened now! My mom doesn't want to leave, because she wants to help. So I'm stuck, in boring, rainy Canada. Oh well, we're going next year for sure!

- My New Vanity! I'll let you in on a little secret, I don't even label this as a real legit "vanity". You know those wood tv tables that we all have lying around our houses somehow or another? Besides my dresser is the perfect space for two of those little tables. I put them together, got a chair and put my lip products, MacBook and some other things on there, just until I find a vanity that takes my breath away!

-Curtains! Before all I had were these little blinds that let in A LOT of light! I got new curtains from Target, and now I sleep so late! My room is so dark and relaxing!

-Eyebrows! I never used to tame these beasts, but one pair of MAC tweezers, brow gel and a matte light brown eyeshadow, and i've turned over a new leaf. I'm addicted to keeping them beautiful and prestigious. They frame your face, and I have to say, i'm proud of my work, haha.

-MAC 227 Brush! This brush is the summer brush! It's perfect for just a light dusting of color all over your lid! It's fast and one tap on the eyeshadow, and you're good to go :)


-Mosquitoes. I hate these things. They seem to attack me.

-Diets. Diets suck in general, right?

-The Weather. I live in Canada, and the weather is so rainy! It's gorgeous one day, then horrible the next. I hate Canadian summers.

What are your ins and outs?