Friday, July 31, 2009

You can't get the 134, without NARS Laguna...

It's officially official. Makeup has taken over my life (but I kinda like that?)

So it is now August 1st:
Which means my birthday is in 3 days! (August 4th) .. Are you guys sick of me saying that yet?!
Which means i'm finally leaving on vacation in 13 days.
Which means it is only 3 days and I can go and indulge in all the makeup I was planning on buying since June.

I have been lusting, and making lists, and obsessing over what I was going to buy on my birthday.
But the thing is, I don't want to spend all my money, so I can do a haul on the plane.
I won't tell you everything, I need my b-day haul video to be kind of a surprise, but i'll give you hints..

-MAC 134 Brush
-NARS Laguna (You can't buy the 134 w/o Laguna bronzer)
Is that bad, that I can't buy a brush, without buying something to go with it. According to my brain, it just wouldn't be right to buy the 134 without buying Laguna, or vice versa.
-LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter (Thanks Jess!)
-LUSH Honey Trap Lip Butter
-Fresh Twilight Cream thing

Now it's your turn to add to my obsession with all things shallow:
What are your makeup must haves from MAC, Sephora or Lush?

Please comment below with your makeup must haves..What are some thngs I should add to my collection?

I love you all <3


  1. my makeup MUST haves are

    - YSL volume effet faux cils mascara
    - Guerlain terracotta sheer bronzing powder brunette
    - MAC mineralized skin finish in perfect topping
    - MAC eye brows in lingering
    - Chanel lift lumiere foundation


  2. WOOHOOOO your birthday is the day after mine :) x

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  4. totally get what you are going through. i am going on vacation soon and i have like three list of what i want to buy: makeup(mac&sephora), clothing and others. cant wait to see you birthday haul :)