Friday, July 3, 2009

Ins & Outs #3

I feel so terrible about how often I neglect this blog! I don't mean too, but between the hectic summer and my YouTube channel, I don't think to come on here and write about makeup or what have you. So my summer goal is 1 post every 2 days :)

Let's kick off this goal with my third post of In's and Outs!


- Summer! Although I'm used to going to Greece every summer, circumstances didn't let us this year! Someone commited arson against one of my father's bars (July 26th, 2008), and it's re-built and opened now! My mom doesn't want to leave, because she wants to help. So I'm stuck, in boring, rainy Canada. Oh well, we're going next year for sure!

- My New Vanity! I'll let you in on a little secret, I don't even label this as a real legit "vanity". You know those wood tv tables that we all have lying around our houses somehow or another? Besides my dresser is the perfect space for two of those little tables. I put them together, got a chair and put my lip products, MacBook and some other things on there, just until I find a vanity that takes my breath away!

-Curtains! Before all I had were these little blinds that let in A LOT of light! I got new curtains from Target, and now I sleep so late! My room is so dark and relaxing!

-Eyebrows! I never used to tame these beasts, but one pair of MAC tweezers, brow gel and a matte light brown eyeshadow, and i've turned over a new leaf. I'm addicted to keeping them beautiful and prestigious. They frame your face, and I have to say, i'm proud of my work, haha.

-MAC 227 Brush! This brush is the summer brush! It's perfect for just a light dusting of color all over your lid! It's fast and one tap on the eyeshadow, and you're good to go :)


-Mosquitoes. I hate these things. They seem to attack me.

-Diets. Diets suck in general, right?

-The Weather. I live in Canada, and the weather is so rainy! It's gorgeous one day, then horrible the next. I hate Canadian summers.

What are your ins and outs?


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