Friday, June 25, 2010

Products I regret buying controversey

So.. MANY people seem "disturbed" at the fact that many of the products I mentioned in my video I said I don't really use. SINCE WHEN can I not regret purchasing something I don't use? Doesn't that seem logical? To regret something you don't use... I don't know, just throwing it out there. The amount of comments I got about "not using" the products is astounding! I had NO CLUE that there was a rule book for these types of videos and if I didn't follow it to a T, i'd be scolded.

"As mentioned in annotations, in the video itself and on Twitter if you followed me: I HAVE USED THE PRODUCTS. I have used them a few times when I got them, didn't care for them and haven't really used them again. Hence why I regret BUYING THEM . I have used these products. There is no rule book set in stone for what I am "allowed" to regret buying. Sorry if this is rude, but the amount of these comments I got was extremely annoying because people didn't understand. "

I wrote a "standard" reply for these comments. If you think it's rude, i'm sorry. But people are being very close minded and not really getting WHY I regretted purchasing those items. For the record, everything (except Marine Life) I have tried. I did not care for it. I rarely use it... SO I REGRET BUYING IT. I don't get why it's hard for people to understand haha

Monday, June 21, 2010

Products I need to get before my trip!

Long time... No blog. I know I say that every time I post! But I figure, I need to remember to buy some things before I leave (on July 29th, 37 days!!!). This will probably help me more than it will ever interest you. Hopefully you get something out of it :)

1. MAC's Fix +
One of my ALL TIME must have products. Many people think it's just water, but I use it multiple times a day! Right after my makeup is done I spritz it on then use my SS187 to swirl and stipple it into my skin. I swear it gives your skin such a nice, pretty, healthy dewy look that I adore! I also use it throughout the day if I feel a little gross or just want a little pick me up. My beloved bottle is on it's last leg and has only a couple of spritzs left... So I definitely need to pick up another bottle for my Grecian holiday :)

2. Benefit You Rebel Lite
I know, I know! I have come so close to ordering this multiple times.. I have no clue why I never take the plunge. Even though I love my MAC Face & Body foundation, it is hot as ___ down in Greece and I do not want heavy foundation! I usually mix my foundation w/ my moisturizer, but I just want something I can throw on and then use a dusting of MSFN (Medium + in the summer) for a setting powder!

3. NARS blush in "Taj Majal"
I know this blush looks crazy, but i've been convince to purchase it because of Michele1218 who claims with a light hand this is an amazing summer blush! I am coral crazy, so I feel compelled to purchase this before I depart haha

4. NARS lipgloss in "Greek Holiday"
... I think the name says it all.

5. Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Once again a re-purchase! My little tube that protects me from the dreaded creases and clumps is almost done! And again, with the heat and without primer my shadow will fallllll off my lids!

6. Sunscreen for my face!
Even though I never burn *knock on wood* in Greece, I did have quite the sun burn this past week because of Canadian sun! So I now know I need sunscreen for my face... my body is covered!

7. NARS Lipstick in "Roman Holiday"
A gorgeous hot-pinkish lip color and a fabulous name... What more could I want? I think hot pinks look amazing with tans, and this seems perfect! Can't wait to swatch it :)

... that's all I can think of for now! But i'll be updating this list for sure :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blog Sale (MAC, Lancome, and More!)

(I copied MakeupByMel's blog sale rules because they basically said everything I wanted, and more!)

1. Payment is through PAYPAL ONLY!
2. Shipping will be a flat fee of $5 for both USA & Canada (unless stated that shipping is included). No over sea shipping, sorry!
3. This will be on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis.
4. In the comments below, please leave me your email address in which I can send the
invoice well as the list of products you would like to purchase. After payment is made, I will contact you through the same email for your mailing address.
5. Lets keep this only serious :) Please don't inquire about something if you are not interested. Lets give everyone a chance :)
6. All products are in great - perfect condition (unless stated). Many products are limited
7. Everything is final sale. No returns.8. I am not responsible for lost or damaged items. What you see in the pictures if what you
get :) When the products leave my hands at the post office, I am not responsible.
9. You have 24 hours (1 full day) to pay for your item or it
will be handed off to the next person. Check your email a few minutes after you inquire for
something. If you have an invoice you won!

All products that are sold will be taken off this posting to avoid confusion!

Let's get started :)

This is a Lancome eye shadow in the color "kitten heel". This is a gorgeous pink color, very similar to MAC's All That Glitters.
My Price = 11.00
Benefit's F.Y.Eye primer. Bought it and it has never worked for me. I have used it maximum 3 times. It is still very new. This is a discontinued product by Benefit. I guarantee it is sanitary.
My Price: $20

This is a really great palette by Lancome. It's a Color Design Eye & Face Palette in "La Nuit Seduction". I used this is my holiday makeup look so you could re-create it if you buy it! It has a 6 eye shadows (great neutral colors) and one gorgeous plummy blush.
My Price: $20.00

This is a really interesting product. It's by Lancome and called Le Kohl Gloss. Mine is the forest green one and if you love Green, you would love this. It's a super pretty wash of Green for your eyes and would make a great, Green base. Not for me.
My Price: $10.00^F1_Eyes^F2_Eye_Liners^F3_Eye_Lin_Pencils&vname=PRD_Name&&

This is a GORGEOUS Lancome Face Powder. I love the colors but I NEVER use it. It's the Lancome Pop N' Cheeks in 01 Coral Flirt. It's a super pretty sheer pinky-peach-coraly color! The original gold over spray is now gone, but it is still super pretty. I have never used this on my cheeks, so it's basically brand new.
My Price: $20.00

This is one of the two quads released with the MAC Fafi Collection. I got this for Christmas one year and have never used it! The colors aren't me, but they might be you! This is the MAC Fafi Eyes 2 and is selling for over $50 on eBay.
My price is $25!

Happy Shopping!!!