Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blog Sale (MAC, Lancome, and More!)

(I copied MakeupByMel's blog sale rules because they basically said everything I wanted, and more!)

1. Payment is through PAYPAL ONLY!
2. Shipping will be a flat fee of $5 for both USA & Canada (unless stated that shipping is included). No over sea shipping, sorry!
3. This will be on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis.
4. In the comments below, please leave me your email address in which I can send the
invoice well as the list of products you would like to purchase. After payment is made, I will contact you through the same email for your mailing address.
5. Lets keep this only serious :) Please don't inquire about something if you are not interested. Lets give everyone a chance :)
6. All products are in great - perfect condition (unless stated). Many products are limited
7. Everything is final sale. No returns.8. I am not responsible for lost or damaged items. What you see in the pictures if what you
get :) When the products leave my hands at the post office, I am not responsible.
9. You have 24 hours (1 full day) to pay for your item or it
will be handed off to the next person. Check your email a few minutes after you inquire for
something. If you have an invoice you won!

All products that are sold will be taken off this posting to avoid confusion!

Let's get started :)

This is a Lancome eye shadow in the color "kitten heel". This is a gorgeous pink color, very similar to MAC's All That Glitters.
My Price = 11.00
Benefit's F.Y.Eye primer. Bought it and it has never worked for me. I have used it maximum 3 times. It is still very new. This is a discontinued product by Benefit. I guarantee it is sanitary.
My Price: $20

This is a really great palette by Lancome. It's a Color Design Eye & Face Palette in "La Nuit Seduction". I used this is my holiday makeup look so you could re-create it if you buy it! It has a 6 eye shadows (great neutral colors) and one gorgeous plummy blush.
My Price: $20.00

This is a really interesting product. It's by Lancome and called Le Kohl Gloss. Mine is the forest green one and if you love Green, you would love this. It's a super pretty wash of Green for your eyes and would make a great, Green base. Not for me.
My Price: $10.00^F1_Eyes^F2_Eye_Liners^F3_Eye_Lin_Pencils&vname=PRD_Name&&

This is a GORGEOUS Lancome Face Powder. I love the colors but I NEVER use it. It's the Lancome Pop N' Cheeks in 01 Coral Flirt. It's a super pretty sheer pinky-peach-coraly color! The original gold over spray is now gone, but it is still super pretty. I have never used this on my cheeks, so it's basically brand new.
My Price: $20.00

This is one of the two quads released with the MAC Fafi Collection. I got this for Christmas one year and have never used it! The colors aren't me, but they might be you! This is the MAC Fafi Eyes 2 and is selling for over $50 on eBay.
My price is $25!

Happy Shopping!!!


  1. 人有兩眼一舌,是為了觀察倍於說話的緣故。.........................

  2. i love you and everything. but it ticks me off seeing girls spending so much money on makeup and they never even use it. and i hate when girls say "oh i look so ugly without makeup" ive seen you without makeup, and you look exactly the same. dont fuss about it. its like bragging the contrary. like you just want people to say "oh its not true, your so pretty" i mean sheesh, im not meaning to sound harsh but dang, it gets annoying seeing girls do this. why not save that money and OR use it on something useful or give to the people who dont have any!

  3. @ashleymarquez: That's the point of the blog sale. When I first bought the products, I thought I was going to use them... I didn't so i'm selling them to people who will!

  4. Hey Allie!

    I would please like the coastal scents 88 warm palette.

    Thanks !

  5. i like the things you have but its a blog sale things are to be cheaper! i could go to a cco and get theses same things cheaper and would not havr to pay shipper either

  6. @JamielovesMac Most of the items prices have been really marked down! The Lancome products are both well over $30 and so was the Fafi quad :) Lancome shadows are expensive, and the MAC eyeshadow was $17 CDN retail price! I marked down everything :)

  7. hey allie !
    i would like the too faced eye shadow duo & the mac straw harvest eyeshadow please (:
    email :

  8. Can I have the mac eyeshadow in straw harvest for $8?

  9. Hey Allie :)
    could I have the Lancome "pretty pinkish color" and I was wondering if the MAC Fafi or the MAC Straw Harvest was already sold. Which ever isn't, could I have that too? :)
    my e-mail is:


  11. @rebecca lax: it was already sold prior to your comment :) And the selling price was $12!

  12. hey allie, i would like to purchase the lancome pallette.... my email address is

    can you tell me in an email if the eyeshadows are good quality or if they have fall out please? thanks so much ! xoxo

  13. Hey Allie! Is the MAC Fafi palette still available?