Monday, May 10, 2010

How I'm Getting in Shape and Gaining Confidence

Many of you girls and guys saw my Twitpic that I uploaded today. I decided to do this so you guys could get to know me and see that I have been dealing with my weight forever. The pictures are obviously very different (I hope, haha) and the one on the left was taken during the summer of 2008 in Greece. The one on the right was taken yesterday, on May 9th.

I was always a little heavier than I should be. Never MASSIVE but just always a little bigger. I pretended that it didn't bother me but it ALWAYS has. I have never been comfortable in my own skin, and i've always tried to hide my body with sweaters (ask ANYONE who knows me well IRL). I started seeing a Nutritionist when I was around 11 and I saw her until I was around 12. I learnt a lot, but I always thought i'd be bigger than everyone else. I felt hopeless. This is why I am still a little shocked at how I put myself on YouTube: The place for anonymous cowards who like to hate on people. At first I got no hate on my weight, everyone was really nice. But looking back at my old videos where my arms were huge and my double chins were massive, I wonder how I ever posted them. When I started getting "bigger" the haters started arriving and they attacked me about my weight. As much as I would like to say that they had nothing to do with my dedication to weight loss, I can't. I did this mostly for me, but part of me wanted to lose weight so the haters wouldn't have THAT (AKA my body) to use against me. I thank them. They gave me the push I needed to get in shape. So I did, and I couldn't be happier.

Looking back at pictures during my heaviest days definetely provide my with the inspiration I need to know that I never want to look like that again. So Tip #1 is to find pictures of yourself that make you disgusted at yourself. It sounds harsh, but it's the truth. After you find those pictures, think of what you want. I never want to be skins and bones. I get most of my features from my Greek side. I have hips, I always will! So embrace them! I just want to be happy with my body and that is my number one goal.

Now that you got the whole mental thing down, you actually have to work on it. When I started my working out in January (I remember because it was the first day I had Strep throat that I decided this) I only did Cardio. I walked on the highest incline (incline = God) I could on my Treadmill at a fast walking pace for just 20 minutes. I did this 5/7 days. Not having a treadmill is not an excuse. You must have a street near you. A hill? Stairs? A backyard? Use it! I also do 60 crunches a night, and some reverse crunches!

Once I was comfortable with cardio, I added weights to my work out. I went to Canadian Tire and bought two 4LB weights. Not much, but trust me. They work! So I started doing arm lifts and Bicep curls! Add this all together and it takes me 30, MAX 35 minutes a night. You can fit it in if you want too.

As for my diet, I really don't deprive myself of anything. Moderation is the KEY. If I want pizza, i'll get some. But I won't have a whole small (yes. a whole small) like I used too. I'll have 2 slices. Some cheesy bread? Fine. But only 1 piece! Ice Cream.. One scoop! All in moderation! I cut out most of my unhealthy snacks (like those carb-y snacks) and substitued them for healthy snacks like apples, strawberries, wheat thins, Greek Yogurt (flavored ones are AMAZING!!), ect.

I can honestly tell you that losing weight and getting healthy will make you feel so much better about yourself. As the pounds come off, my shyness does also. I'm less shy because I feel like my weight won't be such a focus now! It's a really good feeling, I know it's stupid but it's how I feel :)

So that's it-- cutting out the bad foods, drinking more water and working out often really makes a difference! If you have any questions, please let me know! Hopefully I help some people!

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments. They really are amazing and so kind. I don't know what I would do w/o you girls and guys! I love you!!!



  1. Allie your absolutly beautiful and great job sticking to your goal. I love that picture of you aboce on the right side. Your gorgeous, and you look great after what you went through. I believe the haters make you stronger. Thank you for sharing this with us <3

  2. you are such an inspiration i have been struggling with my weight ever since i can remember i have been bullied for it and ive never been comfortable with my body
    and i want to change that for myself mostly
    i just want to be able to look at myself and be happy with myself
    and you really showed me it is possible
    thank you so much for sharing!!
    and i just wanted to say
    you are SO beautiful inside AND out regardless of your weight!!

  3. love this Allie, oh man I really need to get back on my weight-loss bandwagon lol! But great job girl, you look amazing and I am so glad you feel amazing!

  4. Allie you are so fantastic! I just came across your videos on youtube recently, so finding this out about you was so inspiring. I currently look right now how you did back in the summer, and I used to be a size 3! I am so disappointed in how I've let myself go over years and years of my life. I just decided a couple weeks ago to start getting back into shape and start getting back to how I used to look, so seeing you and seeing that if you can do that then I can too is really inspiring. thank you SO much for doing this! I know how vulnerable it must make you feel but you are sooo awesome :)

  5. well done girl, you truly are beautiful inside and out, keep up with the amazing work! xxx

  6. Good God you've lost a lot. Congrats on that, honey! :)

  7. You look amazing and well done! I did the exact same thing when i was about 14... i was a UK size 10, which when i was 4"9 i looked awful. I kept a picture from when i was that weight and stuck it somewhere i would see it everyday and it pushed me to lose the weight. Now 21 and a healthy UK size 4/6 at 5"0 i am finally happy. Its so difficult to push yourself and you are such an inspiration... this is a lovely post! You are such a beautiful person in and out. Keep up the good work chick x

  8. same story with me-- except i joined track at school because i didn't have enough confidence in myself to keep working out :]
    nice job, you are beautiful and you always have been!!!
    i think self confidence is one of the most attractive things in a person, so yay for you and me!!

  9. You are looking AWESOME girl! ☺

  10. Hey Allie, I just want to say, you look great, and this post was very inspiring. I love how mature you are. You are by far my favorite guru, and the most beautiful, knowledgeable, fourteen year old I've ever seen. Good luck, best wishes. You've done great so far.

  11. This was such an awesome post! You've motivated me to get off my butt and work out.

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  13. Girl you should be proud of yourself! You look amazing! How much weight have you lost so far? I am currently undergoing some weight problems and I am trying to get back to my healthy routine! Just drinking more water and moderate workouts I have already lost 3 lbs! (: It's a start! I love reading about things like this because its even more of a motivation! (:

  14. You look amazing! Thanks for motivating me again. I've definitely been struggling with my weight loss program.

  15. Do you think you could write a post about what you eat during the course of a day (just an example)? I've got the workout part down but the food part, I still have trouble with :(

    You look amazing, my friend... keep it up! We've got your back :)

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  17. I have to say, you are my new inspiration. I've been wanting to loose weight & get healthy for such a long time now, and I always make up excuses. I want this & after seeing you, I think I can.