Saturday, October 17, 2009

Loves... and Hates!

I am always forgetting about this darn blog! I am super sorry! My new goal is to be more efficent with this blog! I think once I get a new camera i'll start posting swatches, outfits of the day, face of the day, ect. But for now, these random posts will have to do!

BTW, I kinda updated my blog background. The whole black thing just wasn't doing it for me! Tell me what you think of it, but now onto my current LOVES and HATES!

-My new personality!
Ever since people at school found out about my videos, I have been so open and relaxed. It feels like I have nothing to hide anymore! I just feel like they cannot put a negative connotation on what i'm doing! I love YouTube and make up so much! Like Dr. Seuss has said, "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind".. It's so true! I haven't changed myself, i'm just more open and fun now!

-Diet Orange Crush: I know it's totally bad for you, but it's my favorite drink at the moment!

-'Teenage Beauty' by Bobbi Brown: This is an amazing book! Super empowering and filled with amazing tips & stories!

-MAC Creme d'Nude Lipstick: I have been loving this! So creamy and pretty for fall!

-Jean Leggings 'Jeggings': I looooove this trend ATM! They are so comfy and i'm dying to get more! I got mine @ Wal Mart for like 12$. They're super cute, comfy and flattering!

-People who try and turn YouTube into a negative thing for me!
-All the homework and tests I have!
-Going jean shopping!
-When people use the term 'gay' when they mean something is silly/stupid!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

How I handled people finding out..

As many of you know, everyone at my school found out about my videos! This is going to be a blog about how I felt, how I handled it and how I kept my head held high throughout this 'scandal' in school!

So apparently I was featured on the front page of YouTube (Which is AMAZING! THANK YOU!) and one guy named 'Jason' saw it and decided to click on me. 'Jason' sent the video to 'Sam' and 'Sam' sent it to 'Harry', ect. So needless to say, the guys decided to kinda play broken telephone and send it to everyone.

So I went to school knowing that 'Harry' knew, but I only found out after being stared at by them that they knew.

The best way to describe how I felt was that my heart got ripped out, stomped on and run over by a truck a couple of times. I was so embaressed and shy about people finding out, but then I decided to change my train of thought:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with YouTube videos! It is nothing to be ashamed about! I make videos about what I am passionate about, and after much internal prompting from myself, I decided to not lower my head in the hallways but to keep my head held high.

It will be awkward when people find out, but there is NOTHING they can make fun of. They may not get why you do it, but you do and so do the people who watch you.

I'll be doing a self esteem video this weekend, so i'll be discussing that more.

I just want to really thank you all for sticking by me. It means SO much to me!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

So perfect...

...yet so plastic.

Every year since I was like 3 years old my Dad would buy me the gorgeous holiday Barbie. It's been a tradition and I love it!

She's so gorgeous and I love Barbies, even though i'm well into my teens.

Who else loves Barbies?