Saturday, October 17, 2009

Loves... and Hates!

I am always forgetting about this darn blog! I am super sorry! My new goal is to be more efficent with this blog! I think once I get a new camera i'll start posting swatches, outfits of the day, face of the day, ect. But for now, these random posts will have to do!

BTW, I kinda updated my blog background. The whole black thing just wasn't doing it for me! Tell me what you think of it, but now onto my current LOVES and HATES!

-My new personality!
Ever since people at school found out about my videos, I have been so open and relaxed. It feels like I have nothing to hide anymore! I just feel like they cannot put a negative connotation on what i'm doing! I love YouTube and make up so much! Like Dr. Seuss has said, "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind".. It's so true! I haven't changed myself, i'm just more open and fun now!

-Diet Orange Crush: I know it's totally bad for you, but it's my favorite drink at the moment!

-'Teenage Beauty' by Bobbi Brown: This is an amazing book! Super empowering and filled with amazing tips & stories!

-MAC Creme d'Nude Lipstick: I have been loving this! So creamy and pretty for fall!

-Jean Leggings 'Jeggings': I looooove this trend ATM! They are so comfy and i'm dying to get more! I got mine @ Wal Mart for like 12$. They're super cute, comfy and flattering!

-People who try and turn YouTube into a negative thing for me!
-All the homework and tests I have!
-Going jean shopping!
-When people use the term 'gay' when they mean something is silly/stupid!


  1. I think that the backround is super cute!

  2. allie i totally know what you mean about updating your blog! i just updated mine with a long venting session! i totally gotta update it too :) love you girl your amazing. never let people hiding behind a computer get you down. your better than that and you know it. everyone knows it :) i love you. we need to chat more! for real!xoxo

  3. yeah, allie, don't be embarrased about making youtube's cool that you're practically an online celebrity!!!

  4. Haha I forget to post on my blog too:P I'm making a resolution that I will more frequently though:)

  5. I love the background, it is gorgeous!

    I recently started watching your videos and you are definately one of my favourite online beauty gurus, you seem so genuine and sweet :)

  6. Agree with the Jean shopping, it's just not a happy thing!
    Love, The Poor Little Rich Girl's.x