Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Nail Biting Journey.

Hi Beauties!

My name is Allie and I bite my nails. I want to stop. I want to have pretty nails and millions of bottles of China Glaze to wear, but I have to have long nails. I didn't always bite my nails, I actually only started when I was about 7 or 8, because of my best friend. She bit her nails, and we were exactly alike, so I started biting mine, to see what it was like.

I became addicted. I'm ashamed. They're ugly, and i HATE them.

So this week on the 21st of April, I stopped and began logging my fingernails each day, by taking pictures. I have to say taking pictures has helped me! I like seeing my improvement, and if I see my improvement, I don't want to ruin it! So nail biters, keep it logged with pictures. It helps!

**I warn you, the pictures AREN'T pretty, and maybe gross.. but you'll see the improvement!**
A special thanks to Dena ! encouraging me through out this! She was a nail biter, but she stopped! If theres hope for her, theres hope for me <3
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------April 21st, 2009

(The first couple of pictures are from my left hand, and the last one is from the right)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Saturday April 25th, 2009

(So much improvement already!)

more pictures to come :)
stay beautiful

Another WEIRD Request

Hi Beauties!

I like showing my great subscribers and YouTube friends the weird messages or requests that I may get. Today, I got a message from a guy, asking me to do this request. Needless to say, I will NOT be doing it :) So he can forget about my "time limit"..

Here it is:

i dare u and challenge u to do my dare but i bet u cant and wont. See if u have the guts to do it and be the best and a dare devil for my subscription. Make my dare and send by tonight. Plz im ill and upset and need cheering up and ull win a prize and subscription. So just make it straight away and send to me by tonight all u have 2 do is u and any other girl or woman. So could be ur mum, ur daughter, ur sister, ur girl, m8 auntie, girlm cousin any other girl or woman and u. 1 of u gives the other a apple or something like a apple to eat. Then u hypnotize her in anyway u like to force her to eat it she takes a bite and falls faints into a deep sleep and u just smell and rub her feet to wake her up and a little foot tickle. Sswell its not to difficult its basically a snow white play so plz by tonight goodluck and ill subscribe to u as soon as i get the vid so make and send it straight away start now!! goodluck ill look forward to seeing it

yeeeah, so not doing it :)

see you girls later , stay beautiful !

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ins & Outs #2

I think I would like to start doing these every week, but I don't want to over do it, so i'll stick to whenever I realize I haven't done one, and then do it, lol. Well here we go, the ins and the outs!

1) Gosh "Darling" (134) Lipstick: Lordy Bee, I love this thing! It's my favorite lipstick, and the first product I have ever re-bought because I FINISHED it! I have never finished any product! It was an achievement! I'm thinking about doing a giveaway for some things GOSH but i'll have to clear it with my mom!

2) Country Music? : Apparently it's a major in for me this week. It's kinda embarassing how much i've been listening to country music, not that it's bad but lately it's been ALL I listen too, and i'm pretty much a "Lil Wayne", "Kid Cudi", "Demi Lovato" kinda girl. But i've been listening to Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler and Toby Keith, not fricken stop!
Here are some of my fav songs from the at the moment:
a) Kellie Pickler : Best Days of your life
b) Taylor Swift: Crazier
c) Toby Keith: God Love Her

3) Lush Therapy Massage Bar: Heaven in a bar, it leaves my skin feeling so fantastic, it's a must for me! I want to get more!

4) Paying off your depts: I borrowed some money from my sister (she actually saves her money, I spend it quickly) for some makeup and I had until April 25th to pay her back. I gave her my last payment today, so im free to keep my makeup! The deal was that if I couldn't pay her back, she would get to keep my makeup, so i KNEW i had to pay her back!

5) 10 Calorie Vitamin Water: it's SO goood!

1) Wearing REAL fur: Suuuure, it shows how much money you have, but it also shows you don't care or are unaware of what the poor, innocent animals go through! People step on their heads and skin them ALIVE!!! So it's SO OUT !

2) My science teacher giving me an 85 in participation because I didn't "participate" in the cow-eye dissection! : It was my moral beliefs.. sheesh! I don't know how im going to survive biology.. seriously, i am NOT dissecting anything,... i'd rather FAIL.

3) My Old Room: That room was seriously weird. It had no theme or style.. The pink walls seemed like a good idea...when i was eleven.

4)Non Ionic Hair Dryers: Non Ionic Hair dryers don't dry your hair in like under 10 minutes! ionic hair dryers also help your hair look better.

Well those are my in's and out's!



Saturday, April 11, 2009

Upcoming Skincare Video!

Hey Beauties!
I recently came across Michelle Phan's Tomato Scrub, and I have to say I love it!
I did it tonight for the first time, as my skin was feeling dull, and now my skin feels excellent and refreshed! I documented the experience for you! It's actually simple, and i'll be doing it in a video soon
Here is what I looked like during the process :)

Step 1: Cut off the top of a ripe, organic, tomato. So you can have a grip on your "pad".

Step 2: Dip your tomato one tablespoon of sugar, evenly coating it.

Step 3: In circular motions, rub the tomato on your skin! Be prepared, it may be a little messy, I do it over a sink, but it's soooo worth it!

Step 4: Leave it on for at least 10 minutes. Your skin may start to feel like you can't move, but it's because of the sugar! Don't worry!

Step 5: Rinse it off, and reveal your beautiful, refreshed complexion!



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weird Video Request! I am not joking!

Hey Beauties!
I recieved this weird, interesting request and I HAD to share it with you.
I'm not going to lie, I was kinnnda freaked out by this, but
I figured you should be able to read it..
And please, if you get this message, please don't give this creep satisfaction :)
please read the following questions outloud on your next video and answer these questions..If you suddenly grew to be 11,000 feet tall explain how you might accidentally step on some people and what theyd see last when they looked up and how you notice that you stepped on them? What people youd purposely want to step on and how youd step on them with your giant barefoot? would you stomp them completly flat into your giant footprint or grind them into the sole of your giant barefoot? what part of your foot would you squash them under and why and explain what would be fun about stepping on them barefooted? how many people could you get in one stomp and explain what type of bug theyd remind you of stepping on and why and how you step on that type of bug? would your giant barefoot cover their entire puny bodies and why? when would you say this.."I'm gonna step on you with my giant barefoot and squash you like a bug into the sole of my barefoot and feel you squish completlt flat" also explain how youd step on me with your giant barefoot if you were realy mad at me and what part of your foot id stick to and why?
Stay Beautiful!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Everday Routine Photos!

Hi Beauties! So yes, I did a video on my everyday routine/what i do when im getting ready video.. I decided to post a picture, on my final look :)