Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another WEIRD Request

Hi Beauties!

I like showing my great subscribers and YouTube friends the weird messages or requests that I may get. Today, I got a message from a guy, asking me to do this request. Needless to say, I will NOT be doing it :) So he can forget about my "time limit"..

Here it is:

i dare u and challenge u to do my dare but i bet u cant and wont. See if u have the guts to do it and be the best and a dare devil for my subscription. Make my dare and send by tonight. Plz im ill and upset and need cheering up and ull win a prize and subscription. So just make it straight away and send to me by tonight all u have 2 do is u and any other girl or woman. So could be ur mum, ur daughter, ur sister, ur girl, m8 auntie, girlm cousin any other girl or woman and u. 1 of u gives the other a apple or something like a apple to eat. Then u hypnotize her in anyway u like to force her to eat it she takes a bite and falls faints into a deep sleep and u just smell and rub her feet to wake her up and a little foot tickle. Sswell its not to difficult its basically a snow white play so plz by tonight goodluck and ill subscribe to u as soon as i get the vid so make and send it straight away start now!! goodluck ill look forward to seeing it

yeeeah, so not doing it :)

see you girls later , stay beautiful !

1 comment:

  1. girl all these weirdos are corrupting ur innocence i swear to gawd lol... <3