Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weird Video Request! I am not joking!

Hey Beauties!
I recieved this weird, interesting request and I HAD to share it with you.
I'm not going to lie, I was kinnnda freaked out by this, but
I figured you should be able to read it..
And please, if you get this message, please don't give this creep satisfaction :)
please read the following questions outloud on your next video and answer these questions..If you suddenly grew to be 11,000 feet tall explain how you might accidentally step on some people and what theyd see last when they looked up and how you notice that you stepped on them? What people youd purposely want to step on and how youd step on them with your giant barefoot? would you stomp them completly flat into your giant footprint or grind them into the sole of your giant barefoot? what part of your foot would you squash them under and why and explain what would be fun about stepping on them barefooted? how many people could you get in one stomp and explain what type of bug theyd remind you of stepping on and why and how you step on that type of bug? would your giant barefoot cover their entire puny bodies and why? when would you say this.."I'm gonna step on you with my giant barefoot and squash you like a bug into the sole of my barefoot and feel you squish completlt flat" also explain how youd step on me with your giant barefoot if you were realy mad at me and what part of your foot id stick to and why?
Stay Beautiful!

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