Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ins & Outs #2

I think I would like to start doing these every week, but I don't want to over do it, so i'll stick to whenever I realize I haven't done one, and then do it, lol. Well here we go, the ins and the outs!

1) Gosh "Darling" (134) Lipstick: Lordy Bee, I love this thing! It's my favorite lipstick, and the first product I have ever re-bought because I FINISHED it! I have never finished any product! It was an achievement! I'm thinking about doing a giveaway for some things GOSH but i'll have to clear it with my mom!

2) Country Music? : Apparently it's a major in for me this week. It's kinda embarassing how much i've been listening to country music, not that it's bad but lately it's been ALL I listen too, and i'm pretty much a "Lil Wayne", "Kid Cudi", "Demi Lovato" kinda girl. But i've been listening to Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler and Toby Keith, not fricken stop!
Here are some of my fav songs from the at the moment:
a) Kellie Pickler : Best Days of your life
b) Taylor Swift: Crazier
c) Toby Keith: God Love Her

3) Lush Therapy Massage Bar: Heaven in a bar, it leaves my skin feeling so fantastic, it's a must for me! I want to get more!

4) Paying off your depts: I borrowed some money from my sister (she actually saves her money, I spend it quickly) for some makeup and I had until April 25th to pay her back. I gave her my last payment today, so im free to keep my makeup! The deal was that if I couldn't pay her back, she would get to keep my makeup, so i KNEW i had to pay her back!

5) 10 Calorie Vitamin Water: it's SO goood!

1) Wearing REAL fur: Suuuure, it shows how much money you have, but it also shows you don't care or are unaware of what the poor, innocent animals go through! People step on their heads and skin them ALIVE!!! So it's SO OUT !

2) My science teacher giving me an 85 in participation because I didn't "participate" in the cow-eye dissection! : It was my moral beliefs.. sheesh! I don't know how im going to survive biology.. seriously, i am NOT dissecting anything,... i'd rather FAIL.

3) My Old Room: That room was seriously weird. It had no theme or style.. The pink walls seemed like a good idea...when i was eleven.

4)Non Ionic Hair Dryers: Non Ionic Hair dryers don't dry your hair in like under 10 minutes! ionic hair dryers also help your hair look better.

Well those are my in's and out's!




  1. I'm so jealous you have Gosh! I wish they sold it in the U.S. It looks like an amazing cosmetics line. ♥

  2. i love your ins and outs idea kudos <3

  3. i am super jealous you have gosh! darling looks amazing!! :)