Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Nail Biting Journey.

Hi Beauties!

My name is Allie and I bite my nails. I want to stop. I want to have pretty nails and millions of bottles of China Glaze to wear, but I have to have long nails. I didn't always bite my nails, I actually only started when I was about 7 or 8, because of my best friend. She bit her nails, and we were exactly alike, so I started biting mine, to see what it was like.

I became addicted. I'm ashamed. They're ugly, and i HATE them.

So this week on the 21st of April, I stopped and began logging my fingernails each day, by taking pictures. I have to say taking pictures has helped me! I like seeing my improvement, and if I see my improvement, I don't want to ruin it! So nail biters, keep it logged with pictures. It helps!

**I warn you, the pictures AREN'T pretty, and maybe gross.. but you'll see the improvement!**
A special thanks to Dena ! encouraging me through out this! She was a nail biter, but she stopped! If theres hope for her, theres hope for me <3
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------April 21st, 2009

(The first couple of pictures are from my left hand, and the last one is from the right)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Saturday April 25th, 2009

(So much improvement already!)

more pictures to come :)
stay beautiful


  1. haha, thanks so much! i shall take pictures now too x

  2. Hey girly! You are doing awesome. Believe me, mine were so much worse. I'm talking all the way back to the cuticle. Keep up the great work Allie. I have deleted that YT account, but I'll sub under my new one =) I'm not making makeup videos as of right now.

    Love ya girly!

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