Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fake MAC Cosmetics

A video about this is coming soon!

Sometimes ->

eBay: On eBay be sure to read the feedback about the seller and read the fine print. Be aware and trust your instinct! If it looks to good to be true, it probably is. Make sure you buy from a credible seller and don't be shy to ask questions!

-If your product is fake you need to demand a refund.

-Make sure to be aware of what you're buying! Pay close attention to details w/ packaging and colors.
EX: This picture from shows "MAC Hello Kitty Lipsticks". MAC did not come out with this many lipsticks and definetley did not have that cheap packaging with 'lipstick' on the front:

-They're even selling fake MAC makeup bags on, most MAC bags are glossy not canvas, cheap material.

-Unless it's special edition, MAC powders NEVER come in rectangular casing like this:
It's ridiculous.

-I think this is pretty self explanatory:

-Their eyeliner page is humorous! MAC never came out w/ Heatherette or Hello Kitty LE eyeliner!

-MAC eyeshadows come in circular pots w/o sponge tip applicators & mirrors if they are legit and not special editon. Even then most of the LE eyeshadows are still circular.

-MAC does not have brush rolls that come with brushes.


  1. Good research hun! It's too bad that some people do get tricked into buying from these scammers...good job and pointing them out to help other people!

  2. If they are gonna make fakes, they should at least make them believable! Thanks for this post Allie! Its helps alot and you did alot of great research!