Sunday, December 6, 2009

10 Random Facts about me!

Hello Beautiful Ladies!

I know I neglect this blog and I feel really bad about it! The thing is, is that I am SO busy with school this year! School is a legit 10 times harder this year, so i'm finding myself struggling to keep my videos weekly, never mind this blog! Plus, i'm kinda uninspired and I don't know what to write about! But guess what?! I have a ton of ideas about what I want to write, so expect a lot more blog posts from me!

To start things off fun, I figured I would do a random fact post!

1. I was born August 4th, 1995. I only learnt how to spell August this year.

2. I got my first piercing in my ear when I was 6 months old, and my second when I was 13.

3. I am currently craving a Louis Vuitton Speedy 35; If I do exceptionally well on my final report card I will be getting one as a birthday gift/congratulatory present from my parents.

4. I used to dream about my 'Super Sweet 16' and the theme was going to be 'Hollywood'. Now all I want is an amazing dinner with my friends and family and crazy presents. And a cake made by the Cake Boss.

5. I am 1/2 Greek and 1/2 Canadian. When people ask 'what I am'... I only say Greek.

6. I'm somewhat compulsive about everything, most people think it's 'cute'.

7. I always have to carry cream with me. My cream gets passed around every class. And every guy smells like vanilla afterwards.

8. My Mom, Dad, Yiayia and Papou (Greek Grandparents) are my hero's.

9. I am a country music fanatic.

10. When I listen to music on my iPod, I imagine a music video in my head. Especially with country music.

Hope you enjoyed <3


  1. Well guys are attracted to the scent of vanilla, so I guess that's not such a bad thing! :)
    can't wait for more posts from you, Allie!

  2. # 10 is so funny, i have to admit I totally do the same, lol! I have been listening to carrie underwood's "cowboy casanova" non-stop!

  3. HaHa i'm the exact same way about listening to music on my ipod...I really enjoyed this post! It was fun!

  4. That is so great that your γιαγια and παππούς are your heroes. :)

  5. Oh, you're like my twin! Except you're Greek, and I'm Chinese! haha, same here, who's your country music heroes!?
    Mine's Reba and Martina McBride!

    --Isn't the Speedy 35 like totally gorgeous?