Friday, January 9, 2009

Written Review: Stila Talking Palette!

Hey Girls and Guys :)

I am going to do my first written review, because I still have upload my review on the Stila Talking Palette in "Puurfect Cat Eyes". My sister bought me this for Christmas, and it's avalible at ,, and wherever else you are lucky enough to find Stila products.


Let's Begin :)

I have to say that this is my "go to product" when i'm in a rush or want a great, natural, neutral look. It has great natural looking colors, and those are what im into now. I don't really wear bright colors, since it's not really my style, so hence, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. It comes with the Talking Palette, a Liquid Liner Pen thingy, and a Stila liner brush, all for just $45 ! The liquid liner alone is $16!

The quality of the eyeshadows are great. You get a base, an all over lid color, a crease color and a liner color. The base color is great for a powdered base for every look. However, I find that the lid color which is Stila's signature color, "Kitten", is a little loose. When I run my brush over the shadow, there is a lot of fallout and it looks like a pigment, well kinda *lol*. The crease color is amazing! I love it, especially for natural or neutral looks. It's not too dark, but not too light, and it blends in perfectly, but it is defined enough to see the crease. The liner is a very good powder liner. It is seriously dark, and is easy to move, and doesn't clump in some areas.

Base: 4.5/5 (.5 off, because it's not perfect.)

Lid: 4/5 (lots of fallout.)

Crease: 5/5 (It's Perfect!)

Liner: 4/5 ( Not Perfect)

The liquid liner is amazing too! You can use it as a pen and is extremely easy to use for winged liner and works great and goes really close to the base of your lashes. It doesn't irriatate my sensitive eyes. I really like it, and it's very steardy, reliable, and you can basically cry and it wouldn't really move :)


I gave it .5 because its nearly 100% perfect, but its not, and I wouldn't be honest giving it a 10!

I hope you guys liked my review:)

Look for a video sooooon!

xo, Allie

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