Sunday, August 16, 2009

An Explanation on why there's NO videos!

Believe me guys, I want to upload you a video.
I have filmed and have 3 videos ready to upload that are just sitting on my desktop.
But what's stopping me? YouTube.
It just refuses to let me upload ANYTHING.
I can't do a quick capture, nor upload a video.

It's really annoying, since I want to upload some of them! Basically what happens, is that it goes normal, I write in the info, choose my video, click UPLOAD VIDEO and then it loads for like 10 minutes, and goes to that fail page we all know (and love. Cue sarcasm).

What I think is happening, is that when YouTube updated their website with the new search engine and what have you, they didn't re-enable my account. The day the update took place, I did a BlogTV show, and uploaded a quick capture fine. Later that night, after the update, it wouldn't let me upload one thing. So i'm thinking that maybe my account wasn't re-enabled or updated to the new standards. I didn't change anything about my videos, I do the exact same thing, so idk. Hopefully this works soon, I feel really bad!

So as many of you know, I'm in Punta Cana! I got here Friday and it's been really fun. It is SO hot and the beaches are breathtaking! I did some damage in the airport, but not much. The MAC was horrible! They had nothing that I wanted. What a disappointment! The resorts are super huge, so it's not crowded! I mean we have to take this golf cart things just to get to the beach it's so far! We usually walk to the beach in the morning, to work off the amazing breakfast, and then the rest of the day, we take the golf carts. They're super fun and everyone here is so nice. It really makes me sad that they work SO hard, for SO little!

On another note, I am like this close <---> to 2,000 subscribers which still blows my mind! I can't believe that people actually want to watch me! It's weird, exciting and such a cool thing. I am definitely going to be having a contest this fall, so look out for that!

I think i've written enough for now, dolls. But if this whole video thing doesn't get fixed soon, I'll find a way to upload some videos for you!


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