Sunday, March 15, 2009

Diorshow Blackout (w and w/o the mascara base!)

Hey Beauties!

In my most recent haul video (Mexico Haulin') I bought the Lancome Mascara Base & Diorshow Blackout. I decided I wanted to post a video on the difference and do a tiny, small review based on 3 days of using the products!

First off, the mascara base is great ($23.00 USD)! It really separates the lashes and makes the lashes more defined! The mascara itself (Diorshow Blackout - $23.00 USD) doesn't really clump, it just really thickens and in my opinion, gives the illusion of fake lashes! It is my favorite mascara at the moment, as it lengthens, curls and thickens my lashes without clumping!

Of course, these are my lashes, and like skin, everyone's is different!

The main difference between using the primer and not using the primer is that on my lashes, they are more defined and not as close together. However, without the primer, they are further apart and very defined and seperated while staying thickened.

The primer claims to make the color of the mascara darker, as my mascara is "Kohl Black" I don't really see a difference, if we're being honest :)

So this is it for my mini review, ill be uploading pictures later!

Have a beautiful day!

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