Monday, March 30, 2009

Updates and In's & Out's

Hey Beauties!
I know I have been seriously lacking in the blog departement and I am seriously sorry! This week was messed up! I was in the guest room, which I hated ( IT WAS BROWN!!! ) and I wasn't in my own room, then the bestie comes over and the computer wire POPS! So we take it to Future Shop, and it turns out the only problem was the wire, not the computer.. phew! At least it was under warranty so we don't have to pay for the wire! It's like 81.00!!!
Makeup Translations:
$81.00 = 4 MAC Eyeshadows
$81.00 = 5 MAC Lipsticks
lol well you get the point!
Well my room is finally done! I am thrilled! Here's the video tour :)
Anyways, let's get to the IN'S and the OUT's!
1) LUSH : I am in love with Lush! I had it in my mall for so long, but only bought stuff this week! I've been using the Therapy Massage Bar for a couple of days and my body feels so soft! I cannot wait to try other kinds of the Massage Bars! I love the Porridge and Honey I washed the kids soap, blehhh, Rockstar I can live without, the smell isn't that heaveanly for moi :)
2) Saving Money: I am going on a NO buying makeup spree! I hope I can do it.. I can't really afford it right now.. but Im also saving for Style Warrior and the Honey Collection :)
3) GOSH: It is seriously a cheaper version of MAC! The eyeshadows and pigments are colorful and great! Their lipsticks and lipglosses are beautiful and I love the colors! I love the eyeliners also!
4) IKEA: Even though the whole concept of the store confuses me, their products are modern and great! I love them, especially my Audrey Hepburn picture!
5) Audrey Hepburn: What can I say? She's classy, beautiful and timeless!
1) Youtube Guru's think that they are all that: I've been talking with some lovely ladies lately and i've realized that some people think they are all that! Girl, just because you have thousands of subscribers, does not make you Queen Latifah! PLEASE don't have that attitude!
2) PINK Walls: Some pinks are fine, but my old room was hideous! I don't know how my parents did that to me and chose that color!
3) Liquid Foundation: It's Spring! No need for a full face of makeup! Time to lighten up the makeup and use tinted foundation or powder :) I'm excited even though I hardly use liquid foundation!
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my list ! Have a beautiful day!

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