Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Birthday Wishlist

Hey Dolls,

So my birthday is August 4th, which is in 38 days and I am so excited. In my house it seems that when it's someone's birthday, they rule the roost. We basically do whatever they want, or whatever I want, which is great for me. Being a Leo, I adore control and power, so being the queen every year on August 4th, is probably why I loooove birthdays. I've said this before, but I think that I live for birthdays. I especially love other peoples birthdays, I love sending cards (Lorraine, yours will be sent soon!) and giving presents, just as much as I love recieving them. So following in Lorraine's (TheCurrentCustom) footsteps, I have decided to do my birthday wishlist. Now keep in mind, this is a wishlist and I can guarantee you that I will not be getting everything, for sure.

1. I'm absolutely dying for a new Juicy Couture purse. I realize that Juicy isn't the most prestigous brand out there, but I have this weird thought (maybe obsession?) that people who saw me carrying a higher brand would assume it's fake. I hate when people assume things about me, because honestly, they really dont know me, or what I carry. That being said, I dont want to spend a lot on a purse, because I still want other things,right?

So I saw this amazing Juicy Couture Leather Purse. It's amazing and totally my style it's girly but tough at the same time. I can't find it online, but I love it, and since it's number 1, im about 96% sure i'll be getting it!

2. MAC Brushes

Mommy & Daddy I only want two (max three) brushes from you.. the 134 and the 227

^ The 134 is the big powder brush, and the 227 is the brush that is under the silver handle ^

And this just came to mind, the 182. Yes, the Kabuki. Because I actually don't have one :/

For some reason, I really want to make all of my brushes MAC. I know this will cost me a lot, but if each month I make it a mission to purchase at least 1 or 2 brushes, I should get there soon! I just love the quality and they make my makeup SO much better!

3. GHD Straightener: Basically my Bella straightener broke because it's ceramic and I drop it SO much. So yeah.

That's pretty much all the objects I want, and from my extended family I know I'll get money since they don't really know what to get me, and I don't really want them choosing my makeup, thank you very much..

Thanks for reading, what's on your birthday lists?

Love always,



  1. I'm the same way..I kinda wanna make all my brushes MAC too..I just LOVE the way they look..and I'm weird.. I like all my stuff to match. Lol.

  2. Try Sigma brushes! They're cheaper and they are just as good, if not better than the MAC ones!