Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Share the Love -- Blog Edition

Hi Dolls,

So I decided that instead of doing a "Share the Love" video on my youtube channel for other beauty video makers, i'll be doing a "Share the Love" for my favorite beauty bloggers! So lets get started! I don't think that the wonderful and beautiful beauty bloggers get enough attention, so I think that everyone who was a blog should do this , and share the love!

Lollipop26: http://www.lollipop26writes.blogspot.com
I love this blog! Laura updates her blog so often and has amazing topics. She has swatches, tutorials and great tips!

Ashley: http://kitty-kouture25.blogspot.com
Ashley does an amazing job of updating her blog with great hauls, pictures, swatches and just plain updates! I love reading her blog because she makes it interesting. It's not just another blog post, it's FUN to read! And isn't she gorgeous?!

Chelsea: http://bronxbombette.blogspot.com/
This is such a fun blog! Chelsea incorporates her life into her blogs and her haul posts and her beauty regrets are my favorite posts! I also love how she takes pictures of everything , so we're never left guessing what the product looks like!

Kelly: http://pinksealight.blogspot.com/
I love Kelly! She's so sweet and peppy in all of her videos and her blog totally showcases her personality! She updates her blog frequently, and it's so fun to read! She also takes pictures of the products, which for some reason, I seem to really like on blogs!

Court: http://xxjolieviexx.blogspot.com/
Before she was hacked (I hate that company) she was one of my favorite YouTubers! She is still one of my favorite YouTubers but she doesn't have any videos up! We miss you Court! Her blog is great and she definetley deserves to have some love shared with her! She had blog contests and overall she has a wonderful blog!

Ashley: http://xsunshiine89.blogspot.com/
I love Ashley's videos and blogs! She's one of my favorite YouTubers and she's so sweet! She doesn't update her blog that often but when she does, she does it so good! Everyone , go follow her!

Taylor: http://tandcmitchell.blogspot.com/
I just love her blog! She posts so many great pictures of her tutorials and she is so talented! I love her fish tutorial! Everyone needs to go check the fish tutorial out, it's breathtaking!

I think i'll do this more often :)

Thanks for reading!

love, Allie


  1. Thanks girl! I didn't know you had a blog until I saw the tweet! <3

  2. aww allie your soo sweet i <333 you MUCHOO!!! after i saw this i was like ohh crap i should update my blog!! im going to try and update it more often xoxo

  3. thank u so much allie!!! u make blogging so worth while!!! :) xoxoxo

  4. your so sweet... we need to post our swaps :) xxx