Monday, March 15, 2010

Hi, My name is Allie. And i'm a LUSH addict.

So today after school, I wandered to one of the local malls and into the LUSH store. My sister has become OBSESSED with LUSH and has a huge collection. She literally is OBSESSED. So she stalked the LUSH store until she knew when the Easter collection was coming in and it was coming in Monday. So of course we had to go today. I also wanted to check out the new MAC Liberty of London collection. HUGE disappointment. I didn't buy anything, nothing appealed to me at all.

So this post (i'm getting so good with posting!!) will be a LUSH haul. I bought everything from the LUSH Easter collection, except for the pink eggs. They reeked of 'Snow Fairy' and we all know how I feel about that. But my sister got everything haha, i'll try and convince her to film a video soon!

So this is one of the LUSH Easter classics. A huge egg filled with yummy goodness. The outer shell is a HUGE
bath bomb cut in half and is recomended to use in 4 baths. It retails for $24.50 but in my opinion it's worth it! You get 4 bath bombs in The Honey Bee formulation, 1 full size Ma Bar bubble bar and a little, cute, honeycomb cut out of Honey I Washed the Kids soap. SO CUTE and a great value :) It's called the Happy Easter Gift.

->This next cute item is a bubble bar called theDorothy Bubble Bar, obviously named after The Wizard of Oz and the song "Somewhere over the Rainbow" :) SUPER cute! I love the look of this one. It's a really yummy smelling. LUSH says that "your bath-water will be as blue as the skies over munchkinland and the exotic scent of ylang and sweet figs will make you want to go skipping off to see the wizard. A better day awaits you at the end of our rainbow."

<- This bath bomb is called the Ickle Baby Bot Ballistic. It isn't on the USA or Canadian website, but it is on the UK website. At my LUSH store, it retails for $3.95. It is supposed to help 'little ones' get to sleep, but you can obviously use it at any age. It's a cute little robot, I love it! It smells like "lavender and sandalwood oils' perfect for a nice warm bath!

This need bath bomb is called 'Honey Bun' and it retails for $3.95. I thought it was shaped like a bunny with ears, but
apparently it's in the shape of a traditional Japanese cake. It smells really good, like toffee with sweet orange and bergamot oils to boot! Smells just like caramel!

Possibly my favorite bath bomb. I never usually buy two of something, but this one smelt SO good. It smells of delicious grapefruit and I adore citrus. And it's in the cutest shape of a baby chick! It's called the Hippy Chick bath bomb! BTW, you can also use it as an Emotibomb in the shower too if you're not a bath person! These are $4.95 each.

The other pink egg bath bomb smells like snow fairy, I felt sick just by smelling it. So no thank you, haha!

Are you purchasing anything from the collection? Let me know!


  1. I wish I had a bathtub!! Well I do but I have to share it with 3 other girls, and I'm not a fan of dorm baths lol!

    The chicks look so cute!!


  2. My Lush doesn't have this stuff yet!! I've been waiting forever! (The website has had it up a while now) As soon as it gets in, I'm definitely getting everything! (Although, like yourself, I am not a huge fan of snow fairy so I'll be playing the pink eggs by ear) Definitely getting at least 2 Hippy Chicks and 2 Honey Buns. Most excited for Dorthy! SOOO CUTE!

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